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Introduction            Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Notoginseng Triterpenes
ExtractPart: Root
Appearance: Light yellow powder
Assay: Notoginsenoside R1 > 5%Ginsenoside Rb1 > 30%Ginsenoside Rg1 > 20%
Uses: Inhibition of the central nervous system, Analgesic effect, Skin protection against UV & Ant ageing effect etc.
Notoginseng Leaf Triterpenes
ExtractPart: Stem & Leaf
Appearance: Light yellow powder
Assay: Ginsenoside Rb3 >12%
Uses: Inhibition of the central nervous system, Analgesic effect, Anti-aging, Improve sleep, soothe the nerves etc.
Centella Selected Triterpenes
ExtractPart: Dried whole plant
Appearance: White to creamy powder
Assay: Asiaticoside 36%-44% Free genines (Asiatic acid & madecassic acid) 54%-66%
Uses: Anti-bacterial & Anti-fungal, Dermis reconstruction, Microcirculation activation etc.
ExtractPart: Seed
Appearance: White or slightly cream powder
Assay: Levodopa >99%-100%
Uses: Treat parkinsonism and Parkinsonism appearance, Promote sleep, Reduce fat etc.
Gotu Kola P.E.80%
ExtractPart: Dried whole plant
Appearance: Light yellow powder
Assay: Total triterpenes(Asiaticoside B +Madecassoside+Asiaticoside) > 80%
Uses: Anti-inflammatory, Dermis reconstruction, Epidermal reconstruction, Anti-aging.
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