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Asiaticoside 10%

CAS No:16830-15-2
Plant source:Centella asiatica (L.) Urb.
Latin name:Centella asiatica (L.) Urb.
Extract part:Dried whole plant
Extract form:Powder
Extract type:Purified & Titrated extract
Origin:Guangxi China
Manufacturing place:Guangxi China
Standard Specification
Test item Standard
Appearancelightless yellow powder
Loss on drying<5.0%
AssayAsiaticoside >10%
Sulphated ash<2.0%
Acid non-soluble substance<2%
Yeast/mouldsLess than 100 cfu/g
Total bacteria countLess than 1000 cfu/g
Pseudomonas aeruginosaNegative
Staphylococcus aureusNegative
Physical & Chemical properties
-lightless yellow powder
-Slightly bitter
-Insoluble in water
-Soluble in hot alcohol 50%
-Slightly soluble in propylene glycol

1.Improve the intelligence
2.Prevent memory loss
3.Prevention of Alzheimer's disease

Uses recommendation

Storage: In cool and dry place, keep away from light.
Packing: In cardboard drum lined with two-layer non-toxic plastic bag (10 kg/drum, 25kg/drum) or upon client's request.
ShelfLift: 2 years.

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